The FUTURO Inc. organization officially incorporated in May 2015, after an incubation period under the Tennessee Latin American Chamber of Commerce in 2011. Since FUTURO’s inception, the biggest asset and assurance of sustainability is the high level of student leader engagement and commitment to not only helping themselves but leaving a smoother path for their peers, younger siblings, cousins and friends. Also, the wealth of support from FUTURO alumni, professional mentors and volunteers provides students with guidance, inspiration, as well as opportunities for job shadow and internships


An inclusive, professional community that creates opportunities for career growth and civic engagement through member led chapters


To develop a consistent high quality student experience through all chapters


Upon incorporation in 2015, a formal board was created among students, alumni, corporate partners and college advisors. A strategic planning process was the first major accomplishment of the organization. Corporate partners Nissan, Deloitte, HCA and State Farm continued to support FUTURO financially, with volunteers, and student opportunities. In 2014, quality improvement discussions held with students and alumni provided critical feedback that spurred the creation of theFS100 and NCP. Students are the life blood of the FUTURO organization in terms of capacity, sustainability and accomplishments. FUTURO student accomplishments include serving as a Google Ambassador for the campus (2), serving as a delegate in a national election, being awarded diversity and inclusion champion by the president’s office (WKU), and winning student organization of the year awards (TSU).